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NSW Upper House Inquiry Into the Impacts of the Western Harbour and Beaches Link
Your Submission is Needed by 18th June

Over 3000 submissions were made against the Western Harbour and Beaches Link Projects. A 11,000 strong petition was submitted to Parliament along with thousands of letters expressing significant concern. The Inquiry was self-referred by the Public Works Committee themselves - they want to know if they are doing the right thing allowing this project to go ahead. Click the picture below to see the press release.


We have developed an quick guide and template for you to use. You can answer a few of the terms of reference or all of them - it's up to you. Alternatively you can include your planning submission with a cover letter that points out how your submission addresses the Terms of Reference. The only rule is that at least one of the Terms of Reference needs to be addressed.

IMG_8994 (1).JPG

Why should you make a Submission

There are many reasons including:

1) Wanting to save Flat Rock Gully

2) Keeping contaminants in the ground

3) Keeping our sporting fields usable

4) Maintain our wildlife corridors

5) Better and more sustainable planning

6) Greater transparency and accountability

7) Making sure your area and concerns aren't ignored - other areas are speaking up

8) Protecting Aborigianl and Natural Heritage

9) This is likely our last chance to have a real say

10) The projects just don't add up


Flat Rock Specific Information

You can include information from your previous submission, quote from our planning submission or take a look at our Beaches Link Objection Guides for more information:


Transparency of Cost Benefits (a,c,d,e,h)

Alternatives (b)

Tolls and Traffic (e and g)

Contamination (c, j and l)

Health and Wellbeing (k, l, m)

Ground Impact (j,k,l)

Biodiversity (j)

Climate and Sustainability (j)

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